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Published for the exclusive use of the Giles County High School Band
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The Giles County High School Band

Dear Giles County Band Students and Band Backers,

Welcome to the award winning Giles County High School Band Family and congratulations on your decision to be a part of one of the finest high school band organizations in our area. There are few organizations of any kind so rich in tradition and success that also include so many real-world experiences for student and parent alike. The 2017-2018 school year gives us all the opportunity to carry on this outstanding tradition of excellence.

Hard-working students, dedicated staff, involved and active parents, and a supportive administration and community all combine to make it possible for the Giles County Band Program to offer an outstanding array of musical opportunities. Our students are expected to set and reach high goals for themselves and our program.  The rewards of meeting those expectations are immeasurable. Members of the Giles County High School Band develop musically, emotionally, academically, mentally, and socially.

The intent of this handbook is to provide for our students, parents, administrators, staff, and the director a convenient source of information regarding the varied aspects of the Giles County High School Band program. We have tried to cover as thoroughly as possible every facet of the program. Students and parents should read this handbook carefully.  After doing so, we require both to sign and return the agreement form in the “forms packet”. Band members will be held accountable to abide by all rules and regulations set forth in this book


Bryan Pigg
Erinn Huckaby
Organization Membership Requirements


To be a member of the Giles County High School Band (“the Band”), the student is required to be enrolled in the Band Class during the entire school year unless there in an unavoidable scheduling conflict. These conflicts are considered on a case by case basis.

Marching Band

During the fall season, your student will participate in our marching band.  The student agrees to attend summer rehearsals (exceptions through director approval) and is required to attend band camp. The director must approve exceptions in advance. To be a member of the band program each member must meet all financial commitments, including any previous financial commitments to the band, and must attend all rehearsals and performances (contests and football games).

Concert Band Program

During the winter and spring semester, your student will participate in the concert band, which is the cornerstone of our program.  The concert band performs at regional and state events.

8th Grade Students

Some 8th grade students are encouraged to participate in the Giles County High School Marching Band program.  It is mandatory for them to participate in all summer band camps.  During the fall, there are certain buses will pick them up at the BMS and take them to the high school. Students from Elkton and Minor Hill will have to provide transportation. You are responsible for picking up your child at the end of practice. The student must meet all financial commitments to be able to participate.

Color Guard
The Color Guard is a select group with membership through audition only. The student is required to be enrolled in the Band Class unless there in an unavoidable scheduling conflict. These conflicts are considered on a case by case basis.  The student agrees to attend all rehearsals and performances. 

Any student who drops out of any of these organizations during the season will not be allowed to rejoin at any time and must drop that specific class immediately or as soon as the administration deems possible. Any student who drops out at the end of the year will not be allowed to rejoin unless approved by the director. Any exceptions to the requirements above must be approved by the director and principal.

Giles County High School Band

The Giles County High School Band enjoys a fantastic reputation within our state. The
Giles County Band consistently receives Superior ratings in all facets of the band activity including Concert, Marching, and Solo/Ensemble contests and festivals.

The awards received at contests/festivals are too numerous to individually list. Here are a few of the most prestigious from the past few years:

13 time Tennessee Division II State Marching Band Finalists
Finalist at the prestigious  Music City Invitational
Finalists at the prestigious Travelers Rest Invitational
Superior ratings at MTSBOA Concert Performance Assessment in sight reading and stage performance.
Invitation to Perform at the Tennessee Bandmasters Association State Concert Festival
Invitation to perform at National Adjudicators Invitational, Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Band performs at all football games, contests, and various performance opportunities in the area; such as the Ooltewah Christmas Parade. All students at Giles County High School have the opportunity to participate in Band. Membership in the Band requires attendance at all rehearsals and performances. Members must also meet their financial obligations. The rehearsal schedule is normally set well in advance, allowing students to plan other activities and obligations around the established schedule. Punctuality is a trait that will serve you well in any endeavor. Plan to arrive well in advance of the beginning of rehearsal-do not try to sneak in at the last second. It is essential that we make efficient use of the rehearsal time we have. This can only happen when every band member is present and working to improve. The band member that misses rehearsal cannot improve, and the other band members around them have a less effective rehearsal due to the absence. We all depend on each other to “carry our fair share of the load” in order for us to achieve the level of proficiency for which the Band has become noted. Rehearsals are not cancelled due to inclement weather. We will not usually rehearse outdoors in the rain, unless it is just drizzle or intermittent light rain. In the event of steady rain, we will rehearse indoors and go out at the first opportunity. Students should dress for the weather. Not having the proper attire is not a satisfactory reason for having a poor rehearsal. Students should wear low-top tennis shoes and socks for rehearsals. This is important in that the style of marching step we use requires that the foot and ankle be permitted to move freely. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreens are highly recommended.

Missed Rehearsals and Performances

The Director should be notified IN ADVANCE if a student is going to be absent from a rehearsal or performance. Absences from band rehearsals or performances are unexcused unless due to (a) personal illness, (b) death in the family, (c) an emergency, or (d) special permission of the Director obtained in advance by the parent or guardian. Students must exhibit consistent responsibility in these areas. Excessive absences for any reason may result in the student being Asked to not participate.

Classroom Procedures

All students are to be inside the band room before the tardy bell sounds. At five minutes after the bell, each student is expected to be in their seat, with stand, music, and necessary materials (especially your pencil). There should be silence in the rehearsal hall when the conductor gets to the podium.

Warm-up is a very important part of each rehearsal. This is when we focus on the fundamentals of our playing so that we may improve both as a group and as individuals.

Reed players should have at least one spare reed at their seat during rehearsal. Ideally, you should have four to five reeds, that all play, that you rotate using from day to day. Your reeds will last longer and you will get better play from them if you do not use the same reed all the time from the day it is new until it is worn out.

Percussionists should each purchase a pair of concert snare drum sticks for Concert Season. Mallets and tympani sticks will be provided during Concert Season. During marching season, the band will purchase one set of sticks and mallets per player to get us started after that you must pay for them.

Cases should be left in the Instrument Storage Area. They are unnecessary obstructions in the rehearsal area. At the end of rehearsal, make sure you put all of your equipment away. Instruments should be put in the Instrument Storage Area until time to take home for practice. Music that is not being taken home should be placed in the appropriate slot in the music rack.
Percussion equipment is to be put away at the conclusion of rehearsals. Timpani and keyboards for which there are covers should be covered. Small equipment, including cymbals and concert snare drum, should be put in cases (if available) or returned to the appropriate storage area. This will help keep non-percussionists from “playing around” and will keep the equipment in better working order.

Problems of an individual nature (music missing, problems with instruments, etc.) should not take class time. These issues should be dealt with either before school, after school, or just before class as a last resort. After school is the best time. DO NOT leave your money, purses, wallets, or other valuables UNATTEDED during rehearsals or during the school day. We cannot be responsible for valuables left in unsecured areas.

Grading Procedures
Band is a unique course at Giles County High School. It has curricular requirements, just as any other academic discipline, but it also has out-of-class time requirements. The strength of our band program is the consolidation of these requirements into one performance based, academic course of study. The level of commitment from each individual student is the driving force behind the organization and is reflected in the level of achievement reached by the individual and the program.

Band is a learning activity. Rehearsals, whether during or after school, are the means by which students learn, and by their very nature cannot be reproduced or made-up. Therefore, it is imperative that students be present unless the absence is absolutely unavoidable. Excessive rehearsal absences will undoubtedly affect a student’s performance. Although we frequently function as conductors, we are primarily teachers responsible for the musical and aesthetic education of each student in the band program. This is the reason we are absolutely insistent upon each student’s daily participation. Daily rehearsals are not optional, and are reflected in the student’s daily grade. Performances are viewed as major tests: a performance is a learning experience that cannot be duplicated in a rehearsal hall or practice room; the level of concentration required in a public performance assists each student in developing an insight into his/her own level of performance; a performance is an important evaluative tool, allowing comparison of a student’s performance in relation to classroom objectives presented and with past performances. Absences from performances are only excused in the event of an extreme emergency: serious illness or hospitalization of the student, death in the family, religious holiday, or other reasons deemed excusable by the director. The band director must approve all absences from performances or rehearsals IN ADVANCE. Absences from a class must follow the policies and procedures set by Giles County High School.

The band as an organization provides a medium through which the student progresses academically, musically, and socially. Musicianship, attitude, attendance, punctuality, conduct and a desire for excellence are absolutely expected from each member of the Band. Therefore, individual practice and preparation are essential. No other discipline in education requires the high level of achievement from all participants, as does musical performance. Through the level of commitment required in the Band we hope to prepare our students for the responsibilities encountered throughout their lives.


Those students who have a positive mental attitude, regardless of their individual skills, will always have a place in the band. Regardless of your ability, if your attitude is not positive and you are not doing your personal best to make the group successful, you should not be a part of this organization. In fact, students who do not project an attitude that is positive and cooperative will be given the opportunity to change their personal perspective or else leave the organization. Those who have pride in themselves will generally project a positive mental attitude. Characteristics of a positive mental attitude include a generally cheerful outlook toward rehearsals and performances, cooperation in the preparation and maintenance of equipment and facilities, and an eagerness to do what is necessary to be successful. In short, the total band member is someone who is always willing to give his or her best for the good of the organization.

Instrument Care

Band-owned instruments become the responsibility of the student to whom they are issued. Any damage other than normal wear and tear will be repaired at the student’s expense. Individual instruments must always be maintained in top playing condition. Always show the director your instrument before taking it in for repairs. Remember that horseplay can cause damage to instruments and equipment. We will have instruments repaired at the same time at their own expense. Payments for repairs of personal instruments must be made at time of repair. Be careful with your own instrument, place it out of harm’s way if it is necessary for you to put it down, and never play on anyone else’s instrument.

Recommendations for Renting or Purchasing Instruments

Due to the many options available to students, students and parents are encouraged to speak to the director for input prior to renting or purchasing a new instrument.

General Rules

  1. Couples-Remember, this is a band function—NOT a date!
  2.  Do not leave equipment (instrument, rifle, flag) in the band room. Equipment should be stored in the proper room or taken home for practice.
  3. Make sure your name is on all equipment, shoes, instrument case, bag, etc…
  4. Section leaders-check each person in your section to make sure they have all parts to their equipment, especially on contest days.
  5. You should remain in full uniform at all times at performances. Instructions will be given concerning changes at the contests and Performances.
  6. All band members are to remain until the band is dismissed. At some games or contests we will march out as a unit.
  7. Following any performance, you should hang your uniform on the proper hanger and rack.
  8. Leave your valuables at home---jewelry, etc…
  9. School dress code standards are in force during any band or school activity.
  10. Visible, pierced jewelry is not acceptable in uniform. This includes ears, nose, lips, eyebrows, tongue, or any other visible part of your anatomy.
  11. No painted hair will be accepted at any time unless it is part of the assigned costume.
  12. Do what the chaperones ask. They are here to help you.
  13. Keep your language clean! You never know who might be listening.
  15. If you must miss a rehearsal for a doctor’s appointment, you must bring a note from your parents/guardian prior to the appointment or from the doctor following the appointment.
  16. Each section is responsible for keeping any area used free from clutter (Instrument Storage Room, section rehearsal area, band room). Each section will also have a designated clean-up day for the entire band room. A schedule will be posted at the beginning of the fall.
  17. Remember to always cheer for the other bands.
  18. The statewide zero tolerance programs are enforced during all band activities. If a student is taking a prescription drug, the Directors and Head Chaperone should be notified in advance.
  19. Remember you are a CLASS act. Do not do anything that would have to be explained. Always conduct yourselves as ladies and gentlemen.

Band Camp Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Be on time! On time means 10-15 minutes early.  8:00 am-8:30 pm Monday through Thursday.  Have rides here at 8:30 pm each day. Everyone will be ready to go home!
  2. Bring LOTS of water!
  3. The Band Backers will provide lunch and dinner each day during the 8:00 am – 8:30 pm camp. Snacks will be assigned to different sections to bring each day.  During the other camps, you are responsible for bringing your own lunch and snacks.
  4. All trash belongs in the trashcans, not on the floor or the ground.
  5. Absolutely NO GUM at anytime during rehearsal.
  6. Use restrooms attached to the band room only.
  7. Wear proper clothing-appropriate length shorts and light colored shirt.
  8. Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes. NO sandals, bare feet, etc… Wear socks.
  9. Wear a hat.
  10. Everyone needs to USE SUNSCREEN! You can’t give 100% if you are sunburned.
  11. We suggest you bring a towel for morning exercises. Then wet it for your neck in the afternoon. Wet towels are for the neck and not to be used for horseplay.
  12. Parents are here to help you. If you get sick—let someone know.
  13. Parents will serve you PowerAde or water on your marching breaks during the 8:00 am – 8:30 pm band camp. Cups belong in the trash. Do not throw water or ice.
  14. Be courteous to all staff and parents. They are here to help you.
  15. Conduct yourselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times.
  16. If you have to miss a practice due to illness or a death in the family during camp or anytime during the year, you must let the director know before rehearsal. Please try to schedule doctor and dental appointments sometime other than during rehearsal times.
  17. You must have a pencil, reeds, oil, and any other equipment needed for your instrument. Be sure your name is on all your equipment (Instrument, flip folder, notebook). These will be checked periodically.
  18. There will be a music store representative here one day if you need any supplies.
  19. Remember, Positive Mental Attitude---P.M.A.
  20. Make this the best and most exciting Giles County High School Band ever…remember you are leaving a legacy!

Stands Procedure

  1. Do not wear hats in the stands or with your uniform. If it is cold, stocking caps, earmuffs, or something for warmth is permissible.
  2. There is to be no random playing of instruments at any time. Any section or solo cheers should be cleared with the director prior to the game.
  3. At home games, sit in your assigned section (away games and contests, seating will depend on the type of stands). Sit in your assigned section the entire game.
  4. No outsiders allowed in the band sections. This includes alumni, unless approved by the director.
  5. Your concession break will be during the third quarter.
  6. NO SCREAMING!!!!!!!!! Yell for the team----not at each other.

Bus Rules and Procedures

  1. DO NOT change buses. You must ride the same bus in which you departed GCHS.
  2. On school buses, try to keep noise to a minimum. No loud screaming, radios, etc…
  3. DO NOT play your instruments on the bus.
  4. DO NOT throw anything out of the windows. Keep arms, head, etc…, inside windows.
  5. Couples---remember this is a band function---not a date!
  6. Put trash in garbage bags. On short trips, take trash off the bus when you leave.
  7. When we return, be sure to close windows and pick-up all trash. This will help the drivers.
  8. At away games and contests, you must return with the band, unless YOUR PARENT or DESIGNATED ADULT picks you up in person. YOUR parent must have signed a “Student Check-Out Form” and given it to the director or head chaperone by Wednesday prior to departure from GCHS.
  9. Home games are over at approximately 10:00pm. We will give you a time that we will return to school on away trips. We will be within 15 minutes of that time one way or the other. Please have your rides here at school. We want to go home, too!
  10. Be courteous, do what chaperones ask and thank the drivers and chaperones when we return.
  11. Do not use the emergency exit doors unless an emergency arises. They are not to be used
        for loading and unloading the bus unless the bus driver gives you permission to do so.
   12. Do not ask a chaperone to carry your purse. You may ask them to keep money for you. Leave valuables at home.
   13.Get your equipment off the truck when we return to the school. YOU must put your instrument and equipment back in the band room. If you            ride home with your parents, make sure you have someone take care of your equipment.


Travel Tips (Just in case we go on a trip)

  1. Follow instructions of Director or chaperones at all times. If you don’t understand, ask.
  2. No boys in girls’ rooms, No girls in boys’ rooms---EVER!
  3. No unnecessary moving around on the bus. No standing in the seats, sitting on backs or arms of the seats on the bus. Do as the bus driver asks when on the bus.
  4. Each bus will have a first aid kit on board. Ask chaperones for help.
  5. Use restrooms on buses as little as possible. We will make regular stops, and we don’t want the restrooms to smell.
  6. You are responsible for any damage to your room.
  7. Know who the chaperone for your group is, and their room number.
  8. Make no charges to your room (movies, phones, etc…).
  9. Take no souvenirs from your room, restaurants, or any other place of business. Remember: Shoplifting and stealing are crimes.
  10. Make no calls between rooms after lights out, unless you are calling a chaperone to report a problem.
  11. Don’t leave your room unlocked.
  12. The statewide zero tolerance programs are enforced during all band activities. If a student is taking a prescription drug, the Directors and Head Chaperone should be notified in advance in writing.
  13. No changing of buses or rooms without director permission.
  14. Leave non-essential valuables at home.
  15. Watch your belongings. If you put something down unattended, there is an excellent chance it will not be there when you return.
  16. Profanity is not a part of this band. Make sure your language is never offensive.
  17. Curfews will be announced and strictly enforced.
  18. Personal IPODS and DVD players with headphones only are allowed on the bus. The volume should not be loud enough to be heard outside your head. Movies must be approved by the chaperone – no rated “R” movies.
  19. Behavior of students will be exemplary at all times. There is no excuse for rude, obnoxious acts.
  20. All school rules are in effect throughout the duration of any trip.
  21. Kindness and courtesy work miracles in almost every situation. Remember that PLEASE and THANK YOU cost you nothing and yet is highly valued, especially when received from a teenager.
  22. There shall be no action for which an explanation is necessary. If you think someone might ask you “Why did you do that?” then don’t do it.

Violations of these rules will result in disciplinary action that could include removal from the organization, confinement to your room for the duration of the trip, or being sent home at the parent’s expense.

Detailed information sheets, showing departing and estimated arrival times, are distributed prior to any trip.


Contests are important features of the Band program. It is through these activities that we obtain valuable feedback about our progress as individuals and as a program. Although we never “live or die” by any one judge’s or any panel’s opinion of our performance, it is important that we learn the value of giving maximum effort and standing by the results as our best possible effort that day.

Competitive performances are packed with emotion. Because of the amount of time, work, and discipline required to produce award-winning performances, we develop great camaraderie within the organization. We share hardship, discomfort, fatigue, oppressive heat, chilling cold, long bus rides, disappointment, tears, success, and joy.

Along with these emotions goes a high level of tension, which often causes students to react immaturely. We learn to avoid these normal pitfalls and to channel our energy and attention toward the goal of performance excellence and the ultimate success that will follow.

The GCHS Band will stand with silent pride as scores are announced and will graciously accept the results, regardless of outcome. We will show our appreciation and respect for those who have earned the right to score ahead of us and gracefully accept our own successes. Many of our competitors will not understand how we are able to congratulate those who are ahead of us and appreciate their performance. These people will never know the true reason for participating in competition, but will mistakenly equate winning with coming in first. We will come in first when we deserve to, based on our performance. Until then, we know “winning” is the state of every individual having endured the hardships, taken the chance of competing, and done their personal best in the pursuit of excellence.

Individual Opportunities

All- Mid State Band, All-State Band, and other Honor Band activities provide students with the opportunity to excel individually on their instrument and to receive recognition for their musical achievements.

To be eligible for these auditions, students must be members in good standing of the band program at Giles County High School.

There are always outstanding musicians in the Band, and we strongly encourage widespread participation in these activities. Often colleges and universities use membership in these organizations as partial criteria for music scholarship consideration.

Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble Festival, held in March or April, also gives students an opportunity to excel individually or in small instrumental groups. Students may select their own music (with the Director approval) or Director will assist in the selection. There is an entry fee for each participant.

Student Leaders

The Student Leadership Team is a group of student leaders that work with the director in an advisory capacity. The students will also be called on for special presentations to accept awards, have pictures taken with political representatives, etc… on behalf of the Band. The Band Council is made up of the, Drum Major, Guard Captain, Section leaders, and other student leaders. To be eligible, candidates must be full participants in the band program, exemplary in attitude, loyalty, dedication, and willing to give of their personal time for the betterment of the Band. One of the primary assignments of all student leaders will be the Band’s morale.

Section Leaders/Guard Captain/Drum Major

These leaders are selected by the director and staff on the basis of musical/marching ability, service, dedication, loyalty, and leadership qualities. They must have completed the Leadership Training Workshop. The number of section leaders for each section may vary from section to section and year to year. Student Leader positions are all full year appointments, even though some duties listed below may refer only to Marching Band.

  1. All student leaders will carry out the policies of the Band, Band Director, School, and School Administrators to the best of their abilities. Any time you question or disagree with specific instructions from a student leader, please avoid confrontation and discuss the problem with the director at your earliest convenience.
  2. Student leaders do not handle money or fund-raising merchandise for any other student and cannot be held responsible.
  3. Student leaders cannot give you permission to miss a rehearsal or performance, be tardy, or leave early.
  4. Student leaders should be positive and work for the best interest of the Band at all times.

All students appointed as leaders shall, in addition to their listed duties, strive to uphold the image and spirit of the band at all times. These appointments are to be considered an honor and a responsibility, not a privilege. Leaders should aid the band director in every way possible. Please be aware that all leaders are to be available to teach or help teach at all camps for Marching and Concert Band. You are expected to keep the lines of communication open between each other and between students and the directors at all times.

Drum Major (a year-round position)

1.   Enforces rules and maintains order during marching rehearsals.
2.   Directs and controls the band in field rehearsals and performances.
3.   Maintains "esprit de corps" within the band.
4.   Reports any major problems to the director.
6.   Conducts at pep rallies.
7.   Assists the band director in all ways possible.

Qualifications include: proficient on instrument; ability to properly warm up band; ability to communicate one-on-one or speak in front of a large group; must have completed the Leadership Training Workshop; at least one year's experience in Giles County High School Marching Band.

Section Leader (a year-round position)
1.   Enforces band rules and maintains order.
2.   Directs after-school section rehearsals.
3.   Maintains "esprit de corps" within the band.
4.   Is responsible for section's marching and playing performance on the field and behavior in the stands.
5.   Keeps a daily record of attendance in designated notebook.
6.   Inspects uniforms of section members.
8.   Reports any problems to the Drum Majors.
9.   Helps with the issue of school-owned instruments at the beginning of summer Band Camp.
Qualifications include: proficient on instrument; must have completed the Leadership Training Workshop; 1 year experience in Marching Band.

Color Guard Captain (a year-round position)

All of the duties of section leaders, plus the following:
1.   Organizes and directs Guard rehearsals during the summer as requested by staff
2.   Assists in teaching the marching show/drill to the Guard.
3.   Makes sure that all rehearsal sites are clean before leaving.
4.   Is responsible for seeing that all guard equipment is put in its proper place after each rehearsal and kept in an orderly manner.
5.   Oversees the loading and unloading of all guard equipment at all band functions.
6.   Keeps a record of all issued equipment and its condition.
Qualifications include: one year's experience in the GCHS Guard (Marching Band); must have completed the Leadership Training Workshop.

Band Awards

Each student that participates in the band program at Giles County High School, including the Color Guard activities, will receive a Band Certificate of Merit at the annual Band Banquet. After the first year of participation, students will receive a Band Letter. Each subsequent year they will receive a chevron signifying another year’s service. In addition, students may be eligible for several special awards, selected by the director with input from the band staff.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the key to developing an outstanding musical organization. Students who study their instruments privately with a professional instructor show rapid improvement in individual musicianship. As these students improve, their excitement towards practicing increases, they continue to improve, and they become a stronger contributor to the overall success of the band.
Private instruction has a great impact on the individual student and on our band program both this year and in the future. Director will assist you, if needed, in selecting a private instructor. The key to satisfactory results from private instruction is to start as soon as possible…..SO START NOW!

Staff and Chaperones

Staff:  Anyone on the staff of the Band has been selected due to the skills and qualities they possess and for the benefit they can bring the band program, and should be considered an extension of the director. They are to be treated with the highest level of courtesy and respect.
Chaperones:  Chaperones are also extensions of the authority of the director, but do not administer disciplinary action. Without the dedication of our chaperones and other adults that assist the band, we could not travel or perform in the way we do. These people work hard, and the only payment they receive is our appreciation. Be respectful, polite, cooperative, and remember that the words “Please” and “Thank You” cost you nothing, but are highly valued by the recipient.

If you disagree with something a chaperone asks you to do, you are not to argue with the chaperone. You are to do as you are asked and then inform the director as soon as possible. This policy will be strictly enforced. (In the extreme unlikely event that a chaperone’s instruction would cause you to violate civil law or moral standards, the student should ask to be taken by that chaperone to the director immediately). If a chaperone has to report a student for being uncooperative or for any other reason, that student is subject to removal from the group and could be sent home at the parent’s expense.
Band Backers – Parents, this is YOU!

Parents are an important part of the Band, and have a vital role to play. Without the assistance and cooperation of band parents, there would be no chance for the level of success we want the band to reach. There are many things that parents can do:
1.   Attend Band Backer Meetings.  They meet once every month. Schedule of meetings dates and times will be furnished on the band calendar. Meetings are normally on a Tuesday at 6:00 pm. The week of the meeting will be determined based on school and band events

2.   Volunteer for Committees.  There are many different tasks with which we need your assistance, and everyone can find the niche that suits them best: hospitality, chaperones, uniforms, publicity, sewing, Pit Crew (dads building and moving equipment, taking care of practice field), concessions and other special events. There will be a sign-up time at the Mandatory May Band Meeting.

3.   Be timely with your fee payments.  A large portion of band instruction and show expenses is incurred in June and July.  Please be timely in your  fee payments. Every family’s contribution makes a difference to the budget of the organization.

Be supportive of the band program and your child’s participation by:

  1. Assisting your child to be prepared and punctual for every rehearsal and performance.
  2. Notifying the director if your child is to be absent or late for performance or rehearsal. This should be done in advance unless for an absolute emergency.
  3. Encouraging your child to practice at home and help them find a quiet place to do so.
  4. Showing your interest and support in your child’s music study by enthusiastically attending every performance possible.
  5. Discussing with the director and staff anything that will help them understand and better serve your child.
  6. Arranging for private lessons for your child, if at all possible.

We welcome visitors to rehearsals, but request they remain quiet so as not to disturb the focus of the students or staff. Cheering at appropriate times is welcome!



GCHS Band Backer meetings are a good way to meet fellow parents, the officers and director. It is also a great way to find out more about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and participate in the official business of the Band Backer organization.  Meetings are generally the First Tuesday of the month and are usually held from 6:00 – 7:00 pm in the commons area (cafeteria) and sometimes band room.


The GCHS Band Backers maintains our own website, allowing us to make information available to our students, parents and friends on the internet. Visit us at  gchsband.com
The GCHS Band Backers uses e-mail as an effective and efficient way to share timely information about important events, make announcements, send reminders, and gather information from our members. If you use e-mail, be sure to provide your address on the annual Band Registration Form.

We are on Facebook!  Giles County Band Backers

Financial Support

The Band provides a very unique and high quality experience for band members and their families. The Giles County Schools provides funds for the Director’s salary and a place at the High School for storage, camps, rehearsals, and other band functions. All additional funding required to operate the Band Program is generated by the Giles County High School Band Backers (“the Boosters”), a federally recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization (a public charity) and corporation in the state of Tennessee. These operational expenses include but are not limited to specialized performance instruction, various music, guard and marching camps, show design, costumes, props, flags, music, food, and travel costs for buses and hotels.

As part of the funding for the GCHS Band Program, it is necessary to assess a financial commitment each year for each student participating in the Competitive Marching and Concert  Bands.  This individual financial commitment (Student Account) covers only a portion of the operational budget costs for the coming year.  The remaining costs will be fundraised by the Band Backers organization as a whole (This means all of US) through various organizational fundraisers such as the concessions stand during football season, individuals/corporations, and a portion of various fundraisers sales.  This is done in an effort to keep the individual “Fair Share” commitment from being too cost prohibitive.

We accept various payment methods:  cash, check or money order. All commitment payments must be made according to the schedule to ensure students receive the program benefits planned in the band Backers 2017-2018 Budget.

Band Fees and Payment Schedule

Band Policy on Delinquent  Accounts

All accounts must be kept current based on the payment schedule. Students whose accounts are not current and are not signed up to participate in fundraising will not perform with the Marching Band or go to any Concert Competitions where transportation is provided. Accounts must be current before payments to any potential trip accounts will be posted.
Fundraising Opportunities will directly help the band accounts of the students.

Fundraising Notes

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for paying for any unsold fund-raising goods not turned in by the deadline.
  • The treasurer will assess a charge for returned checks.
  • No credit will be given on fundraisers until the money is turned in by the student and/or parent or paid by the vendor to the Band Backers. No credit will be given for fundraisers if money and/or unsold goods are not turned in within the fundraiser deadline. Returned checks do not count as payment. Expected, projected, or hoped-for credits do not count whatsoever and are not an excuse or justification for delinquency.

GCHS Band-owned Instruments/Instrument Usage Fee
If you use a GCHS Band-owned instrument, you are responsible for its care and minor maintenance. A normal amount of wear will be allowed for, but damage resulting from mistreatment or carelessness will be charged to the student. Careless treatment of a GCHS Band-owned instrument suggests that the individual is not deserving of its use. In this case, the instrument will be issued to someone more responsible. A $50 cleaning fee will be charged for the use of all school-owned woodwind and brass instruments at the beginning of the new band year. Percussion will be charged a $50 maintenance fee. This fee will help offset purchasing sticks, mallets, drumheads, etc…

The Band Booster organization will purchase needed percussion supplies and have the instruments professionally cleaned before Camp. Students will be assigned a band-owned instrument during the summer. The $50 fee will be due at that time.